Card battler with infinite tactical opportunities that tests your strategic thinking in ways you never thought possible!

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Earthcore: Shattered Elements introduces an incredible new dimension to digital card games, merging its unique style of gameplay with the truly revolutionary art of Card Crafting.

In Earthcore, YOU are the designer. Use the Card Crafting to create 500,000 new cards for endless strategic possibilities. Beware, Shattered Elements is skill-based, so even the most powerful cards can lose if used in the wrong way.

Gather your forces and craft thousands of new cards to build powerful decks. Battle fearsome foes and epic bosses across the single player campaign packed full of missions, cunning enemies, intrigue and dark secrets to uncover.

Enter the Arena to test your skills and battle other players in ranked multiplayer leagues and online PvP modes. Designed for newcomers and experienced card players alike, Earthcore is both easy to pick up yet full of depth and tactical possibilities.

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